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Bank Notes, August 2023

Bank Notes, August 2023

  • Correct Classification - Clarifying the Marketing Language of Infinite Banking
  • Money Pools
  • More Pondering On Social Security 

By L. Carlos Lara, R. Nelson Nash

Bank Notes, June 2023

Bank Notes, June 2023

  • Bankruptcy? There Is an Alternative. A New Role
    for Privatized Banking - Part Two
  • Continuing to Ponder and Ruminate

By L. Carlos Lara, R. Nelson Nash

Bank Notes, March 2023

Bank Notes, March 2023

  • Privatized Banking: We All Need It
  • Inflation & The Infinite Banking Concept
  • Becoming Your Own Banker, Part V Lesson 9, Points to Consider

By L. Carlos Lara, Ryan Griggs

Bank Notes, February 2023

Bank Notes, February 2023

  • Banks vs. Insurers During the Depression
  • MassMutual May Terminate Agent Contracts, Reject Applications Associated with Infinite Banking
  • Becoming Your Own Banker, Part V Lesson 8, What if I am Uninsurable?

By Robert P. Murphy, Ryan Griggs

Bank Notes, December 2022

Bank Notes, December 2022

  • A Primer on the “MEC” Rules
  • A Simple Way to Understand the Key Features of Whole LIfe Insurance
  • Becoming Your Own Banker, Part V Lesson 4, The Cost of Acquisition

By Robert P. Murphy

Bank Notes, October 2022

Bank Notes, October 2022

  • Cooperatives
  • The Mechanics of Policy
  • Becoming Your Own Banker

By L Carlos Lara

<span>Elite IRA Advisor Spotlight: <br/>Tom O'Connell</span>

Elite IRA Advisor Spotlight:
Tom O'Connell

Check this out! I'm a published author (again!) ICYMI

Thank you very much to the team at Ed Slott for featuring my article, "Is There a Perfect Retirement Strategy?" in their June issue of "IRA Advisor: Tax and Estate Planning for Your Retirement Savings."

In the article I break down the pros and cons of some popular retirement vehicles, and I outline why everyone should consider dividend paying whole life insurance. Please reach out to me or my team at International Financial if you have any questions about creating YOUR perfect Retirement Strategy.

Modern Retirement Planning is Dead

Modern Retirement Planning is Dead

The Truth About Retirement Planning and the Family Legacy

By Thomas J. O'Connell 

American Express Open Forum 



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