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If the things you thought to be true about retirement weren't,
when would you want to know?

  1. Remember the 4% Rule? According to a MorningStar study the safe withdrawal amount from your retirement plans is 2.8%. Can you afford to live off of only 2.8% of your retirement assets?
  2. Do you think taxes will be higher in the future? According to the CBO, the federal government is planning to collect 39% more in personal income taxes by 2020 than it collected in 2015. Can you afford to pay higher taxes when you’re retired?
  3. Why can’t your assets keep up with the markets? Because it’s not a fair comparison. Do you understand the difference between Wall Street’s average rate of return and your real rate of return?
  4. Does buy and hold work? If you lose a dollar, can that dollar ever make you interest ever again?
  5. Do you think inflation will be higher in the future? How do you protect yourself when your dollar buys less and less each year?
  6. Do you think benefits could be taken away in the future? What do you do when you don’t get increases in your Social Security check or Medicare premiums cost more?
  7. Who do you want to inherit your legacy, the government, the nursing home or your family? What’s your plan?
  8. Which is better, hoping you have enough income in retirement or knowing it?

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