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5 Bond Alternatives You Should Consider Right Now

Sep 8, 2022

Video Description:

The 60/40 portfolio saw the second worst six-month period in the last 50 years, with both stocks and bonds declining. In fact, #bonds had their worst intra-year decline since the bond index began back in the 70's, dropping 13% and down approximately 10% YTD.

In retirement, as Tom explains to Erin Kennedy, you need a stable and relatively "safe" income stream, which is why he is recommending retirees consider these bond alternatives:

  • Fixed Annuities/Fixed Index Annuities
  • Buffered or Defined Outcome ETFs
  • Structured Notes
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts or #REITs
  • Cash Value Life Insurance

Tom and his entire team at International Financial specialize in helping clients create reliable income in retirement. If you'd like to speak with him to determine if you're ready to retire, please reach out for a complimentary consultation by calling 973-394-0623 or by visiting

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