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Is the 4% Rule Outdated?

May 5, 2022

Video Description:

Yes. Or in Tom's words: "it's a myth. It's dead and buried." You've probably heard the headlines: the 4% Rule doesn't cut it anymore: #Retirees need to be more conservative. But of course, as Tom with International Financial Advisory Group explains to Erin Kennedy, it's more complicated than that.

It would be great if we could all follow one known "rule," but being confident that you won't outlive your nest egg requires more than just monitoring your withdrawal rate; it requires creating guaranteed income streams that allow you to maintain your quality of life while retired.

There is an entire team of investing experts at International Financial who specialize in creating guaranteed income and sophisticated portfolios to ensure that clients don't have to worry about finding the perfect withdrawal rate.

If you would like to sit down with Tom to design a thoughtful spending and income plan, please reach out for a complimentary consultation at or call 973-394-0623.

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